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IMPROVEMENT. We believe that breeding should always be done with the intent to improve the breed.

PEDIGREE. We believe that pedigree does matter. Researching a horse’s pedigree is very important, knowing what the relatives in a horses lineage have done, and succeeded at, is a very important part of breeding for success. It may not guarantee what you are going to get but it definitely improves your chances of getting what you want.

CONFORMATION is important in breeding. There is good and bad conformation; there are also very distinct differences in conformations that are suitable from one discipline to another. Complimenting a mare with stallion should focus very heavily on this.

TEMPERAMENT! TEMPERAMENT! TEMPERAMENT! There are some very successful horses that don’t have the best temperaments, so it may not be connected to athleticism, but it only makes sense that a horse with good willing temperament is easier to train and has a higher chance of success because of that.

SOUNDNESS. All of our broodmares are sound mares, that have competed for years without issues, we will gladly provide you with their vet exams and xrays for any foal you may be considering purchasing. Gloster at 16, has had no lameness issues, he works barefoot most of the time and you are welcome to have a look at his xrays as well. We firmly believe in soundness and breeding for it.