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Welcome to Western Dressage! Our Western Dressage training is designed for rider that would like to improve the harmony and balance in their current Western Discipline (reining, cutting, stockhorse, barrel racing, etc) or the competitor that would like to pursue the Western Dressage as a full time discipline.

There are many people out there offering training in Western Dressage so we will clarify where we stand on this. We follow the classical dressage principles and maintain our prior definition:...

"dressage is the art of improving one's horse beyond the stage of plain usefulness, of making him more amenable, easier to control, pleasanter to ride, more graceful in his bearing and better to look up on."

We would encourage you to make sure that if you are pursuing this as discipline venue that you confirm that the trainer that you select has two qualities:

1. That the trainer has competed in the Open Dressage arena so that you are sure they are educated in at least the basics of classical dressage.
2. That the trainer has also spent time in work or competition in the Western disciplines. 
These two elements are important because a trainer that only has one or the other will not be able to find the correct harmony and balance by adjusting the future training of your horse with the past training he has had in the stock disciplines.

Lisa is a graduate of the National WDAA Train the Trainers!

Lisa has competed in dressage starting at age 10, completing her first Nationally recognized competition at age 12, giving her over 25 years of dressage training and competition. 

She has competed in dressage on everything from Arabians to Dutch Warmbloods and understands and appreciates the differences. Lisa has even completed driving dressage tests!

It would be wrong to not acknowledge that a horse's physical anatomy and background don't shape the training program that needs to be designed to help that horse accomplish the most that it can.

(left is Lisa riding during a co-clinic she was teaching in 2012 along side Barbara Long and Mark Hausman)

For the past 5 years Lisa has also been training in the area of Stockhorses and learning a lot from the competitions and clinics as we as trainer Mark Hausman. 

Although Lisa rode western in her younger years, her true development has come with learning the details behind how the cutting, reining and barrel horses are trained.

In 2012 Lisa was accepted as a Demo Rider for the Gerd Heuschmann Clinic to help bring Western Dressage to international light.  Lisa has continued to study the work of Gerd Heuschmann and highly recommends that all riders read his book "Balancing Act" and watch his video "If Horses Could Speak."  The video and the animation (done by pixar) of how the horse moves anatomically is so strong that it will forever change how you ride. She continues to use them as the basis for her own current training and development.

So when you are ready for training give us a call, we would love to meet you and your horses!


WDAA (Western Dressage Association of America)
WDA of NC (Western Dressage of North Carolina)